In The Beginning

by Baphometh

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Compilation originally released in 2003


released March 5, 2012

Original production: Franklin Zambrano & Marco Arana (2003).
Bandcamp edition: Franklin Zambrano (2012).




Baphometh Caracas, Venezuela

Formed in 1988 in Caracas, Venezuela, Baphometh became a reference in the local metal scene with just two demos and a fistful of gigs. Split in 1993 but with a still loyal base of fans, founder guitarist and vocalist Franklin Zambrano decided some years ago to release for free and to the whole world this work that has just one owner: the fans. Thanks again and enjoy. ... more

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Track Name: Ars moriendi (Julio 1992) - One less
I have died for the mirror
in which I no longer see myself
I have died without knowing who I was
bent before that image of mine
which I so hated.
Track Name: Ars moriendi (Julio 1992) - My own knell
I´m a cry in a bottle
crashed against a wall of bones
the mirror reflects a crowd of faces
without a side to my poor thoughts.

I dig in my flesh
to bury my soul
that sickening truth
eternity is real
I hate myself
more than anything
I carry my life
like an iron ball.

Did I say life?

I need help
none will give
a little chance to save my life
The best of me
lost in the intent
kick me in the border of depression
I hear a voice
behind my conscious
saying over and over again:
Oh my sweet imbecile
go on growing
each time you´re smaller.
Track Name: Ars moriendi (Julio 1992) - White coffins
A human form with no time to cry
his fresh skin now begins to rot
became a corpse in the dawn of life
none expected it, death has no hour.

An early sorrow
loaded by impotence
Soul scars
that never disappear.

Torn illusions lie deep in you
changing the craddle into a box
Entomb the body, meanwhile rage grows.
A joke of fate that is poor fun

Baptized in tears to grow in nowhere
unnamed creature born to be buried
Cruel laws rule our wretched existence
when life begins then comes decay.

Strangled, undernourished,
drowned by his mother´s blood.

Nobody did nothing for your son
What god helped you to save him?

Lies, thousand lies
no one knows what you feel
You´re alone with the pain
he´s ten feet underground.

God has failed
no messiah goes to rise him from the dead
Human science is a mess
you knew it before
A black bird flies and sets your soul on its nest
Now you know we live and die so lone.
Track Name: Ars moriendi (Julio 1992) - The nausea
Dismenbered soul, I always knew
you would never be prepared for this
In self-contemp you loose your name
falling in a point of nothingness.

Disguise your body to hide your shame
avoiding my revealing gaze
the whole of your being now seems to be clear
but your face still remains the same.

Don´t be afraid, pain will be pleasure
when your senses can open their locks
spread the cold venom in your veins
freezing the nerves of your petrified limbs.

Your faded shadow is melted wax
and you swim in its burning waves
I´m your sickness, I´m your health
I´ll take you to the wrinkles of life.

Welcome to my horrid hole
Welcome to my nauseant dread.

Put aside the will to live
take apart prejudice
see the morbid way you exist
Don´t hear me now, I´m not real.

Carrying along
the gods you have created
you still don´t feel my force
I´ve come from the unknown.

Better ways to die
I can show you with one hand
but I don´t need what you can give
you make the last choice.

Weird faces float in a four dimensional plane
Bodies within bodies being not bodies,
at least, the bodies I know.
Hanging organs, putrid ideas, worms
I have to know
I have to feel
I find more pain

Going down to mindless existence
there´s no more good or bad reasons.

Formless humanity, a brutal wound.
In your innards nothing is sure.
A shameful life, the same as death,
trying to leave the void in you.

Tied up by faith, tied up by form
tied by your will

No existent being at first or last
you´re still nothing

Your lord is dead, was ever dead
you couldn´t know

A viscous fluid trap your emotions
in this purulent world.

Break the subtle chains/ “What?”
the web where you´re in as a trapped fly.
Spit the holy things/ “Never!”
they´re just a tale of the greatest show.

None´s at your side, you´re a lonesome grain
in the fruitless human dune.
There´s something you can do/ “Tell me!”
only you can know you´re what you have done.
Track Name: Boundaries of insanity (Abril 1991) - Intro
To live
is a constant and beautiful destruction
To live
is to hurt
Track Name: Boundaries of insanity (Abril 1991) - Deserved land
Under the cold storms of blood
the corpses are broken
Lost innocent remnants
will be shake with roaring thunders
The rumbling is going greater,
uncontrolable violence,
dragging behind it
the holes of the past

Infection will run into the brains
of living and dead till the end of time

Wild mutant hordes
will walk on the loosers world
Seeking for healthy victims
to put out their flesh
Watching the light
coming from the burning clouds
Hope is away
they wait to die

Atrophy grows
under the skin, in nerves and bones
Genetic change
aberration takes the shape of life
Unknown deseases
run quickly around mankind
There`s no safe place
the winter burns
Track Name: Boundaries of insanity (Abril 1991) - Inner death
Voices without mouth invoking my name
by whispers from inside
Turning slowly and painly my eyes
backwards my brain
Shadows of fears I once forgot
touch me again
Relentless nightmares kill me awake
they burn my thougths

Ravens fly aroun my mind
self-destruction from within
Ghostly reason burial
darkened rising of my ghoul

Skull skies are falling in noiseless crash
the scars have been torn
Cerebral mass spill through my ears
I can´t contain
Mental disorder or visions of death
what´s going on to me
I won´t return, I passed beyond the sanity realms

Ravens fly …

A lonesome anguish enhance the feel
of rotten hands reaping my soul
Emptiness is growing here
where no science can behold

My head is like a pot of worms
creeping slowly untill it burst
Deceitful knowledge about the life
has turned my ego in an endless void

No exorcism, no electric shock
my soul desease has no cure
Agony my eyes reflect
I loose control, I´ve lost myself

Stunted forms in hateful dance
walk in circles into my chest
My pounding heart will explode
I´m breaking at my seams.
Track Name: Ensayo (Septiembre 1993) - Birth of gods
...Man is just a time in space
and crated god at his sighness and image...